3rd Parallel Data Storage Workshop

held in conjunction with
Supercomputing '08

Chair: Garth Gibson, CMU

Monday, November 17, 2008
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas

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Poster Session Participants

I/O Graphs: Simultaneous Data Transformation and Movement in High Performance Computing
S. McManus, C. Kaur, S. Butala, F. Zheng, J. Lofstead, H. Abbasi, M. Wolf,
K. Schwan, M. Payne, Georgia Tech

ADIOS: Adaptable, Metadata Rich I/O Methods for Portable High Performance I/O

J. Lofstead, H. Abbasi, M. Wolf, F. Zheng, K. Schwan, S. Klasky, C. Jin, S. Hodson,
Georgia Tech

Queriable File Systems for Metadata Management
Sasha Ames, Maya Gokhale, Carlos Maltzahn, Ethan L. Miller, UCSC

Threading Opportunities in High-Performance Flash-Memory Storage
Craig Ulmer, Maya Gokhale, John May, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Rethinking I/O in High-Performance Computing Environments
Nawab Ali and P. Sadayappan, The Ohio State University

Fast Recovery Using Optimal and Near-Optimal Parallelism in Data-Intensive Computing
Huijun Zhu, Pengju Shang, Christopher Mitchell, Jun Wang, University of Central Florida

Large File System Backup, NGF Experience
A. Mokhtarani, M. Andrews, W. Kramer, J. Hick, NERSC-LBNL

Parallel I/O on the Cray XT
Weikuan Yu, Jeffrey Vetter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Scalable HEC I/O Forwarding Layer
Kamil Iskra, Rob Ross, Sam Lang, Argonne National Laboratory

Spyglass: Metadata Search for Large-Scale Storage
Andrew Leung, Minglong Shao, Tim Bisson, Shankar Pasupathy, Ethan L. Miller, UC Santa Cruz

GIGA+: Scalable Directories for Shared File Systems (or, How to build directories
with trillions of files)

Swapnil V. Patil and Garth A. Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University

Log-structured Files for Fast Checkpointing
Milo Polte, Jiri Simsa, Wittawat Tantisiriroj, Garth Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University

Crossing the Chasm: Sneaking a Parallel File System into Hadoop
Wittawat Tantisiriroj, Swapnil Patil, Garth Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University

Network File System (NFS) in High Performance Networks
Wittawat Tantisiriroj, Garth Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University

Petascale Data Management: Guided by Measurement

DISC Experiences on the M45 Cluster
Julio López, Garth Gibson, Greg Ganger, Carnegie Mellon University

Tashi: Open-source Cloud Computing on Big Data
Jim Cipar, Greg Ganger, Garth Gibson, Julio Lopez, Michael Stroucken, Wittawat Tantisiriroj, Dave O’Hallaron, Michael Kozuch, Michael Ryan, Steve Schlosser, Doug Cutting, Jay Kistler, Thomas Kwan, Carnegie Mellon University, Intel Research Pittsburgh, and Yahoo!

Efficient Data Placement in a Hybrid Storage Architecture
Jiri Simsa, Milo Polte, Garth Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University