6th Parallel Data Storage Workshop

held in conjunction with
Supercomputing '11

Chair: John Bent, EMC

Sunday, November 13, 2011
9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Grand Hyatt Princessa II, Seattle, WA

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workshop abstract

Computational scientists are no longer satisfied with petascale infrastructures. Their demands for finer and finer spatial and temporal resolutions are driving parallel storage systems to larger and larger scales of parallelism and concurrency. This scale creates new problems and exacerbates old ones in areas such as storage capacity, performance, concurrency, data retrieval, reliability, availability, and manageability. Additionally, new technologies such as cloud storage are encouraging scientists to preserve more old data and to expand their analyses to include data from a wider range of previous computations. Paying special attention to issues in which community collaboration can be crucial such as problem identification, workload capture, solution interoperability, standards with community buy-in, and shared tools, this one-day workshop seeks contributions in the form of papers and posters on relevant topics, including but not limited to:

  • performance and benchmarking results and tools,
  • failure tolerance,
  • APIs and protocols for high performance features,
  • parallel file systems,
  • high bandwidth storage architectures,
  • wide area file systems,
  • metadata intensive workloads,
  • information extraction,
  • autonomics for HPC storage,
  • checkpoint/restart,
  • virtualization for storage systems,
  • archival storage advances, and
  • resource management innovations.

ACM Digital Library Proceedings


8:55am - 9:00am
Welcome - John Bent, EMC
9:00am - 9:45am
Keynote Speaker - Brent Welch (Panasas)
Lessons and Predictions from 10 Years of Parallel Data Storage System Development
Speaker Bio | Slides
9:45am - 10:15am
POSTER SESSION 1 - List of participants and links to posters
10:15am - 11:45am
Chair: Ethan Miller, UCSC

Robust Benchmarking for Archival Storage Tiers
DongJin Lee (The University of Auckland), Michael O'Sullivan (The University of Auckland), Cameron Walker (The University of Auckland), Monique MacKenzie (The University of St Andrews)
Speaker: DongJin Lee
Paper | Slides

Extending Scalability of Collective IO Through Nessie and Stagin
Jay Lofstead (Sandia National Laboratories), Ron Oldfield (Sandia National Laboratories), Todd Kordenbrock (Hewlett-Packard Company), Charles Reiss (University of California, Berkeley)
Speaker: Jay Lofstead
Paper | Slides

Parallel I/O and the Metadata Wall
Sadaf R Alam (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre), Hussein N El-Harake (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre), Kristopher Howard (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre), Neil Stringfellow (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre), Fabio Verzelloni (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre)
Speaker: Neil Stringfellow
Paper | Slides

11:45pm - 1:15pm
1:15pm - 2:45pm
Chair: Ron Oldfield, Sandia

Horus: Fine-Grained Encryption-Based Security for
High Performance Petascale Storage

Ranjana Rajendran (Storage Systems Research Centre, University of California, Santa Cruz), Ethan Miller (Storage Systems Research Centre, University of California, Santa Cruz), Darrell Long (Storage Systems Research Centre, University of California, Santa Cruz)
Speaker: Ethan Miller
Paper | Slides

Easing the Burdens of HPC File Management
Stephanie N. Jones (University of California, Santa Cruz), Christina R. Strong (University of California, Santa Cruz), Aleatha Parker-Wood (University of California, Santa Cruz), Alexandra Holloway (University of California, Santa Cruz), Darrell D. E. Long (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Speaker: Stephanie Jones
Paper | Slides

The Purge Threat: Scientists' Thoughts on Usability in the

Alexandra Holloway (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Speaker: Alexandra Holloway
Paper | Slides

2:45pm - 3:15pm
POSTER SESSION 2 - List of participants and links to posters
3:15pm - 4:45pm
Chair: Adam Manzanares, LANL

In-Situ I/O Processing: A Case for Location Flexibility
Fang Zheng (Georgia Tech), Hasan Abbasi (Georgia Tech), Jiangting Cao (Georgia Tech), Jai Dayal (Georgia Tech), Karsten Schwan (Georgia Tech), Matthew Wolf (Georgia Tech), Scott Klasky (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Norbert Podhorszki (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Speaker: Fang Zheng
Paper | Slides

Pattern-Aware File Reorganization in MPI-IO
Jun He (Illinois Institute of Technology), Huaiming Song (Illinois Institute of Technology), Xian-He Sun (Illinois Institute of Technology), Yanlon g Yin (Illinois Institute of Technology), Rajeev Thakur (Argonne National Laboratory)
Speaker: Jun He
Paper | Slides

Power Use of Disk Subsystems in Supercomputers
Matthew L. Curry (Sandia National Laboratories), H. Lee Ward (Sandia National Laboratories), Gary Grider (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Jill Gemmill (Clemson University), Jay Harris (Clemson University), David Martinez (Sandia National Laboratories)
Speaker: Matthew Curry
Paper | Slides

4:45pm - 5:15pm
Short Announcements

NSF PRObE: A community facility for systems testing at scale - Garth Gibson

5:15pm - 5:45pm
POSTER SESSION 3 - List of participants and links to posters


John Bent, Los Alamos National Laboratory (PC Chair)
Randal Burns, Johns Hopkins University
Andreas Dilger, Whamcloud, Inc.
Yong Chen, Texas Tech University
Haryadi Gunawi, University of California, Berkeley
Adam Manzanares, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dutch Meyer, University of British Columbia
Ethan Miller, University of California, Santa Cruz
Ron Oldfield, Sandia National Laboratory
Vijayan Prabhakaran, Microsoft Research
Karsten Schwan, Georgia Tech
Brad Settlemyer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Raju Rangaswami, Florida International University
Douglas Thain, University of Notre Dame
Rob Ross, Argonne National Laboratory


Scott Brandt, University of California, Santa Cruz
Evan J. Felix, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Garth A. Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University and Panasas Inc.
Gary Grider, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Peter Honeyman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
    Center for Information Technology Integration
Bill Kramer, National Center for Supercomputing Applications/
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Darrell Long, University of California, Santa Cruz
Carlos Maltzahn, University of California, Santa Cruz
Philip C. Roth, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
John Shalf, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center,
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lee Ward, Sandia National Laboratories