pdsw 2023:

8th International Parallel Data Systems Workshop

Held in conjunction with SC23
SUNDAY, November 12, 2023
Colorado Convention Center, DENVER, CO
Room 607
2:00 PM - 5:30 pm (MST)

Program Co-Chairs:

Microsoft, USA

The Ohio State University, USA
General Chair:

Hong Kong Baptist University, China

Gokul Soundararajan, AWS

Running Amazon Redshift at scale

slides - coming sooon

abstract: Amazon Redshift is a high performance, secure, scalable and highly available managed data-warehouse service. In this talk, we explore practical aspects of running Amazon Redshift at scale: providing customers elasticity without compromising performance and availability. We will deep dive into Storage and Compute Elasticity: the two features that enable customers to scale up/down based on their need and better manage their costs.

bio: Gokul Soundararajan is a principal engineer at AWS and received a PhD from University of Toronto and has been working in the areas of storage, databases, and analytics. He has published several academic papers in Usenix FAST, VLDB, and SIGMETRICS conferences. He has been at AWS since 2018 and worked on delivering Elastic Resize, Cross-instance Restore, Redshift ML, and Zero-ETL for Amazon Redshift.