1st Parallel Data Storage Workshop

held in conjunction with
Supercomputing '06

Chair: Garth Gibson, CMU

Friday, Nov 17, 2006
Tampa, Florida

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PANEL i: DOE HPC Practices and Problems: Today & Tomorrow

Panel Members:

  • Bill Kramer, LBNL/NERSC – NERSC Experience and Plans for Petascale Data
    PDF [2M]
  • Evan Felix, PNNL – PNNL EMSL Lustre Activities
    PDF [2.7M]
  • Phil Roth, ORNL – The Path to Petascale at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    PDF [1.7M]

SESSION i: Programming for Storage


  • Dave O'Hallaron, CMU – Storage and I/O Issues in Large Scale Scientific Computing
    PDF [240K]
  • Rob Ross, ANL – HEC POSIX I/O API Extensions
    PDF [380K]

PANEL ii: Training Programmers About Storage – What Needs to be Taught?


  • Garth Gibson, CMU – Programming for Storage
    PDF [325K]

Panel Members:

  • Bill Kramer, LBNL/NERSC
  • Evan Felix, PNNL
  • Phil Roth, ORNL
  • Gary Grider, LANL
  • James Nunez, LANL
  • Rajeev Thakur, ANL
  • Rob Ross, ANL


  • Gary Grider, LANL – Funding Opportunities for Storage Research

SESSION ii: Learning to Live with Our Failures


  • Bianca Schroeder, CMU Learning to Live with Our Failures
    PDF [970K]

SESSION iii: Future Systems for HPC Storage


  • Peter Honeyman, U. Michigan/CITI – Parallel NFS in NFSv4.1
    PDF [760K]
  • Scott Brandt, UCSC – Peta-scale Data Storage Research at UCSC
    PDF [1.4M]

Workshops & Panels of Interest at SC06

Petascale Data Storage Workshop

Session Chair: Garth Gibson, CMU
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High Performance NFS: Facts and Fictions
Session Chair: Garth Gibson, CMU
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HPC Storage Systems of 2020
Session Chair: William Kramer, LBNL, NERSC
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