Panel: High Performance NFS -- Facts & Fictions

held in conjunction with
Supercomputing '06

Session Chair: Garth Gibson, CMU

Thursday, Nov 16, 2006
Tampa, Florida

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Lately you may have begun hearing about High Performance NFS offerings and standards. But we all "know" NFS is not scalable. So what does High Performance NFS mean? FPGA implementation of parts of the file system? Really big caches? RDMA embedded in the RPC mechanism? Multiple filers exporting the same files? Delegations for file layout enabling clients to directly access storage devices/servers in parallel? This panel will address this question with enough opinions to ensure that attendees learn much more about the alternatives and strategies without being able to say it is just one thing. Yet.


Garth Gibson, Mike Kazar, Paul Rutherford, Michael Callahan, Raju Bopardikar, Uday Gupta,
Peter Honeyman, Roger Haskin

Panelist Presentations:

  • Garth Gibson, Panasas / Carnegie Mellon University – Panel on High
    Performance NFS: Fact or Fiction

    PDF [1.8M]
  • Mike Kazar, Network Appliance – Data ONTAP GX: Solutions for
    High Performance Technical Computing

    PDF [390K]
  • Paul Rutherford, Isilon Systems – High Performance NFS
    PDF [545K]
  • Michael Callahan, PolyServe – The PolyServe NAS Cluster Architecture
    PDF [165K]
  • Raju Bopardikar, Crosswalk, Inc. – Truly Scalable NFS
    PDF [245K]
  • Uday Gupta, EMC – MPFSi for High Performance NFS
    PDF [1.1M]
  • Peter Honeyman, U. Michigan/CITI – Enabling Parallelism in NFSv4
    PDF [760K]
  • Roger Haskin, IBM Almaden – High Performance NFS
    PDF [755K]

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