10th Parallel Data Storage Workshop

held in conjunction with SC15

monday, November 16, 2015
Austin, TX
Hilton Salon g

Workshop Chairs:

Sandia National Laboratories

Virginia Tech

General Chair:


Ken Anderson, akonia holographics

akonia holographic data storage

abstract: Akonia holographic data storage abstract: Akonia Holographics has developed the world’s first fully function holographic data storage devices for long-term (inactive) data storage. Akonia’s devices write data onto a very low-cost plastic media capable of storing 1Terabyte of data with promise to achieve 4 Terabytes by 2020 with a cost less than $0.50/Terabyte. While the removable nature of the technology allows the total cost of ownership to be incredibly low, the random access capability enables data to be accessed with latencies similar to spun down hard drive solutions; thereby allowing data centers to store most of its inactive data on the most economical storage solution possible. [slides]

speaker bio: Dr. Anderson has worked in the field of holography for over 18 years and holds over 38 patents in the area. He is CEO and cofounder of Akonia Holographics. He is a pioneer in the field of holographic data storage, has developed many critical technologies in the field, and has been heavily involved in the design and prototyping of holographic storage drives. He has a PhD in Optical Engineering, a MS in Electrical Engineering, a BS in Engineering Physics, and a BS in Computer Science.